Luca Di Persio
Luca Di PersioCofounder, Head of Research & Development

Luca Di Persio was born in Rome, Italy, in 1972. He has a PhD in Mathematics (University of Trento) and he has been also awarded with the title of  Doct.Rer.Naturalium by the University of Bonn. Luca is assistant professor within the College of Mathematics at the University of Verona, where he is the responsible of  the Probability and Applications group. He is the author of dozens of high impact  articles published by internationally recognized mathematical journals. His research interests span from the theory of Stochastic Processes to the study of interacting particle systems, from the development of Neural Networks architectures,  to the modern theory of Mathematical Finance.

All the aforementioned research themes have been developed in strict connections with a worldwide net of scientific collaborators  as well as with several industries acting, e.g.,  in energy markets, banking, networking management, software development.

Stefano Di Persio
Stefano Di PersioCofounder, General Manager

Entrepreneur and Digital Consultant, has been working in the ICT and Communication fields for over 20 years, in different companies as Database Informatica, Sigma and Istituto Scientifico San Raffaele. In 2000, he launched an entrepreneurial activity with Medita, a digital agency that grew by acquiring among its customers leading companies up to the entry in 2013 in Gruppo Hdrà as Head of Digital. In 2017 he left Hdrà and created a new digital agency (Mediamorfosi), also acquiring the title of Head of Digital in Eunews and the role of Communication and Marketing Manager in Innovation Engineering. As project manager he has directed and coordinated digital projects worth some millions of Euros for PosteMobile, Turner, Enel, Coni, Panini, Banca Sella, Medusa Film and many more.

Areas of competence: strategic marketing, digital marketing, digital communication, web and mobile design, project management, social media strategy.

Francesco Cordoni
Francesco CordoniCofounder, Quantitative Analyst

Francesco G. Cordoni was Born in Bergamo in 1988. He earned his Ph.D. in mathematics form the University of Trento. Currently he has a research grant from the University of Verona. He is the author of numerous articles published on renowned journals, working along with high qualified international research groups. He also collaborated with some Italian companies operating on the electricity markets in order to develop innovative quantitative techniques. His research interests range from optimal stochastic control theory to deep learning, with particular attention to their applications to the modern theory of mathematical finance and energy markets.

Gabriele Maroni
Gabriele MaroniCofounder, Chief Technology Officer

Gabriele Maroni was born in Bergamo, Italy on 6th May 1988. He received the Master Degree cum laude in Computer Science Engineering from Università degli Studi di Bergamo discussing a thesis about nonlinear Bayesian filtering for fault detection of electomechanical actuators in the aerospace environment. He then worked as Data Scientist at the consulting company Reply in Milan developing Machine Learning models for credit risk scoring and customer churn prediction for renowned Italian companies. From October 2016 he joined the Ph.D. program in Engineering and Applied Sciences at Università degli Studi di Bergamo. His main research topic is in the field of Financial Engineering where he applies innovative techniques based on Time Series Analysis and Control Theory. He also collaborates with italian and foreign companies in innovative projects applying Deep Learning and Computer Vision techniques for Robotics and Medical fields.